Funny Classroom Happenings

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I am inundated with great lines almost on a daily basis; however, I am so busy that I cannot just sit down and write what is said especially in transition or in the middle of a lesson.  I will get better and consistently add to this.  But I would love to hear from educators about the funniest or cutest things a student has said to you.  It does not have to be kinder.  Here goes… 

Student:  “Ms.? I gotta go pee.” 

Me: “Brent, we must say, May I go to the restroom.” 

Student: “I still gotta go pee.” 

I did everything to not fall out laughing. 


3 responses to “Funny Classroom Happenings

  1. Anonymous (Milk Titties/Snitch)

    Life as a middle school teacher is hard. Why? You first have to deal with tattle tale students that you would expect to be grown but they are not. Second, each year brings new students with unparallel and unexpected expectations. Case in point, I’m a middle school teacher and already this year I have been in the office more than my students. Why? Crazy mindless students. Here is what happened…
    I have a student who we will call Brian. Brian has been bullying a lot of kids because he is much bigger than they are and he is real sneaky. At least he thinks. He picks on kids in the halls, restrooms and at lunch. I have had several parents already at the school because of their kids being picked on. Unfortunately, Brian has been picking on a student who we will call Justin. Justin honestly probably deserves it because he is very annoying. Nonetheless Brian calls Justin fat, ugly, gay all the typical middles school names of a kid who cannot defend himself. Why is this imporant? The first week of school I was called into the office about this bullying situation which I knew nothing about because it didn’t happen in my room. Despite that detail I met with Justin’s parents and told them I would keep an eye out which I did. Three days later I am back in the office with the same thing happening. Brian is picking on Justin about his weight, size (he is large) among other things. Crazy thing is Brian is in fact bigger than Justin weight wise. Well, therein lies the problem. On Friday I was called back into the office for being accused of letting students use inappropriate language in my class. How? Well in class I heard Brian picking on Justin and I ignored it. Why? Well honestly in the hallways just moments earlier I got on Brian about picking on Justin. He quit but I figured I would not always be around so Justin would eventually have to handle and take care of his self. I mean, come on! It is middle school. While Brian is picking on Justin, I guess Justin finally had enough after countless insults from Brian. Justin finally leans over and says I may be fat and ugly but at least I don’t have milk titties. The whole class bursts out laughing. I can’t lie. I did too. I mean how often do you hear another kid say to another kid he has milk titties (I’m laughing now thinking about it ). After controlling my laughter, I scolded both boys. Again I can’t lie, I secretly told Justin nice come back. Bad idea. Why? Crying ol’ Brian, Mr. Milk Titties himself, texted his mom saying the teacher was laughing at him for having milk titties. I tried to explain but his mom was not having it. On top of that following the meeting with his mom I had to try and explain to my principal what was so funny about milk titties (that didn’t go over too well) I mean old white lady (no offense seriously) and milk titties. Needless to say, Brian hasn’t messed with Justin in my class or that I have heard since. But now I’m in a situaion as a teacher. I have a student who has milk titties but now he is also a snitch, a milk titty snitch. Please help. Middle school teacher in need.

  2. Okay, I’m rolling on the floor laughing right now. That is exactly why I stay away from middle school. Kids are BRUTAL at that age! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This morning my kinders and I were going over AI vowel blends in words that make long A sound. They came up with lots of words but one student said, “I got one. Cain on Young and the Restless!” I laughed so hard.

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