What are some things that are essential for a Kinder teacher to have?  Also, I’m open for things that I must do.   As an educator, its amazing the things that you take for granted until you’re surrounded by little ones.  I understand that things may vary from one educator to another, but I am certain your hindsight will benefit me.  Please share some of your anecdotes or suggestions.

Okay, I’ve figured several out already…

1. aspirin

2. a file on each student (student work or projects, notes/letters from home)

3. students have extra clothes when there are accidents (oh boy! there will be accidents)

4. huge supply of crayons and glue (i think they eat them)

5. more aspirin

6. know how students get home (if it changes, put it in writing)

7. open lines of communication with parents (daily folders and/or weekly folders)

8. jobs for everything (line leader, caboose, assistant to pass out papers, managers to take attendance/lunch, manager to keep table baskets stocked with supplies for the day or week)

9. extra strength aspirin (name your headaches; get to know them; I believe I talked a few of them down)

10. hand sanitizer

11. Oh, and hold your breath for ten seconds when a student sneezes

12. Zip-loc bags

13. wipes


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