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Tales of the Germaphobe and its Lover, Hand Sanitizer

All around me are germs.  I swear I can almost feel them closing in.  I think I hear them plotting my demise as I’m instructing or doing small groups.  I’ve posted sanitizer all around my room like little grenades.  Yes, my room is a mine-field.  Yet, they seem to choreograph their every move to follow me and get just close enough to make me paranoid.

Not going to happen!  No nasty cold here. Keep your sniffles, your stuffy, runny, watery nose and eyes… Even the flu knows better than to mess with me.  It’s been 11 days and my hands are super dry.  Where did the promise of moisturizer with Aloe &Vitamin E go, huh?  It does not matter.  Every weapon has its drawbacks.  Smelling that clean smell of Ethyl Alcohol, and glycerin, benzophenone, crosspolymer, tocopherols, and water, makes it all worth it.  Although the label says its harmful only to wood finishes, plastics, and oh, it may discolor some fabrics.  It’s okay though.  It promises to kill 99.99999 % of germs…. Aaa ……………………………. A…aaaaa……aaaaaa-chuuuuu!!