School-Themed Movies & TV Shows

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In the spirit of the beginning of the school year, I decided to compile a list of school themed movies or shows that I remember and loved as a kid/teenager.  Please add ones that you do not see on the list.  I’m sure there are many that I either missed or missed out on.  Many of these movies or shows helped shape my appreciation of education, the classroom, and how important the teacher is.  How many movies or television shows can you come up with?   


School Daze   

Kindergarten Cop   


Good Will Hunting   

16 Candles   

Boyz ‘n the Hood   

Head of the Class*   

Welcome Back, Kotter*   


Higher Learning   

Dazed and Confused   

The Wonder Years*   

The Breakfast Club   

The Revenge of the Nerds   

Fast Times at Ridgemont High 

Square Pegs* 

Sister Act   

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off   



* television show   


3 responses to “School-Themed Movies & TV Shows

  1. West Side Story
    The Outsiders
    Stand and Deliver
    Lean on Me
    Dangerous Minds
    Freedom Writers

  2. The Faculty
    Jaw Breaker
    Bring It On
    Remember the Titans
    Coach Carter
    Light It Up

  3. Save By The Bell*
    Boston Public*

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