About Me


My name is Qiana and I’ve taught for nine years.  By some oddity of fate, I’ve ended up in Kinder and feel like a total first year.  And, you know what?  It is so exciting.  I’ve decided that I will post blogs about my experiences and the things that kids say.  It’s only been a week and it has already been the beginning of a wonderful ride.  Or, so I hope.


I’ve added some new tabs.  I am always reading, so I’ve decided to review some kid’s lit.  I’ve read so many.  Good ones and, in my opinion, not so good ones.  I’m also going to take the opportunity to revisit ones that I read as a kid and one’s that I’ve read as an adult.  I urge you to do the same.  So please, let’s have some discussions when I have it up and running.  Books in this tab will be elementary-aged books, intermediate and primary.  So, dust off your library cards and make sure your children are visiting their school libraries every week.  By all means ask them about their favorites.  By the way, September is Library Card Sign Up Month so go out and find your public library and use that resource that some countries are not fortunate to have.  Now I’m off to get my card.


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