Kindergarten Is No Joke!

A kindergarten classroom in Afghanistan.
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I’ve completed the first week of kindergarten and it was sheer lunacy.  Exciting and scary rolled up into five days.  Thanks to a lot of dedicated and compassionate teachers that refused to let me start my first week without the essentials…Muchas Gracias!  Thank you, my dear comrades.  You are who makes our schools great!  

Everything from posters, alphabet or d’nelian, word wall, rocking chair, pocket chart, copies, centers, table, and hooking up my technology. Oh! I even got a make-over by our dear Kinder aide.  It was amazing feeling all the love and what I now realize may have been pity…   

Honestly, Kindergarten is no joke!  You see I’ve taught third  and fourth grade for several years and was hoping to go down to second grade until a week before school started when I got the call that I was needed in Kinder.  YIKES!  What happened to baby steps?   

But with all the grace of a diplomat, I accepted my post-forced smile, lots of prayer, and a brand new mini bible (just for my new desk).  You see I do not have children.  The only children I’ve been around were cousins I’ve babysat for a weekend at the most, a nephew I’ve helped raise years ago (he was too adorable), and approximately 200-plus third or fourth graders that I had the fortune of teaching over the years.  In May, I had the fortune of watching my very first class march across the stage and get their diplomas.   So I can recognize that a change was inevitable.  But this past week, it felt like I was going into the classroom for the very first time.  Exhilarating.   But, did I make a mistake? 

Let me get to what my week looked like:  

  1. Parents wanted to linger.  I am totally understanding as far as the umbilical cord goes, but parents it only makes it harder. 
  2. One parent got upset because her camera would not work.  Parent and child a nervous wreck?  No way!  Not on my watch.  So compassionate me pulled out my camera and took the coveted picture of Rick’s* first day.  Not smart.  I wish I could take it back and just console her or make a deal with her that she could come back with another camera to take the picture.  No, I took out my camera and took the picture.
  3. All the other parents wanted me to take their picture with their kids or pose in their family picture.  LOL!  MADNESS! Hilarious, but madness!  This is school, right?
  4. Matt* disappeared under the table and stayed there until recess until another teacher pulled him out after unsuccessfully offering him stickers and treats.  I could have told her it wouldn’t work because I tried it all.
  5. Keith* cried nonstop for his mommy which started up Aisha* to cry for her mommy and her sister down the hall in fourth grade, which in turn started up Bria.*
  6. I have two Meagans* and two Johns* which was a nightmare for the first hour.  It forced me to learn last initials so I can distinguish them as Meagan G, Meagan Z , John S, and John B.*
  7. Sydney* would not talk and at first I thought she was super shy.  Now, I’m not too sure…
  8. Lunch numbers are a nightmare.  Wal-Mart has been out of name tags, so being the innovative educator, I used  paper and paperclips to clip their numbers on.  Not good.  I’ll explain at a later date.
  9. “Teacher, teacher…!” is my name for the time being for Brent.*
  10. “Teacher, I gotta go pee!” is the only time Mitch* will talk to me.

But in the end, they absolutely adore me!  They drew pictures for me, hugged me, giggled at me.  I’ve learned over the past week, that patience is a virtue.  Modeling is a must.  Organization is close to godliness.By the end of the week, it got much easier.  I was able to stay up past eight-thirty.  By Thursday, I was able to watch Jay Leno and David Lettermen…although I was in a zombie-like state flipping between the two.  I cannot tell you who was on besides a band called The Specials who miraculously awakened me out of my state somewhat.

This week promises, yet, another interesting one.  

– – Qiana   



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