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The Ever Elusive Line

Fire ants

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I will achieve the unimaginable, the near  impossible….The 180 degree line! 

They will march like little ants on a good day everyday-even on bad weather days when ants can’t get it together. 



Aisha Cried Again…

I am finally getting the hang of this consoling thing!  Hug, pat, and an attention getter…preferably something the student likes.  I’m getting better at this!   Hey, I may very well deserve a hug and pat myself after today.  So FYI,  find out what your students like so you’re never caught with a wailer.  I never knew kids would cry all day if you let them.  Who does that?  Ooh-ooh!  I know! I know!  Babies….



Kindergarten Is No Joke!

Image via Wikipedia I’ve completed the first week of kindergarten and it was sheer lunacy.  Exciting and scary rolled up into five days.  Thanks to a lot of dedicated and compassionate teachers that refused to let me start my first … Continue reading